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Concerts in the Volksbühne in June 2019

The Volksbühne Berlin is presenting the following concerts on the main stage and in the Roter and Grüner Salons in June 2019:

Main Stage

They called her Nico
Christin Nichols & Entourage Noir
Sunday, 02.06.19, 20:00
Volksbühne main stage
20 / conc. 16 €

Christa Päffgen became Nico and Nico became the icon that she never wanted to be. In an audio-visual tour de force, Christin Nichols (Prada Meinhoff) sings, talks and drinks his way through Nico’s life: She was the first German supermodel, she was an actress in a Fellini film, she was Andy Warhol's muse and a singer in The Velvet Underground. She had affairs with Bob Dylan, Brian Jones, Iggy Pop, Alain Delon and Jim Morrison – but does all this actually answer the question: Who was Nico? Perhaps Nico was a self-empowered artist, perhaps she was a fictitious character, perhaps she was just a blank canvas to be projected on like Frank Wedekind's Lulu. Featuring a live band and guests. More information


Holly Herndon: Proto
Friday, 14.06.19, 20:00
Volksbühne main stage
26 / conc. 22 €

Following the release of her third LP, PROTO, Holly Herndon’s new AI AV choral ensemble show is making its Berlin debut, bringing together a contemporary ensemble of vocalists, developers, and a non-human intelligence. The PROTO show will open the stage to attendees, inviting them to experience its material in an embodied, direct way. More information


Canto General
by Mikis Theodorakis based on texts by Pablo Neruda
Berliner Singakademie
Sunday, 16.06.19, 18:00
Volksbühne main stage
36 / 30 / 25 / 18 / 11 / conc. 9 €

In his lyrical epic poem, Chilean poet Pablo Neruda describes the creation of the Latin American continent and the hope for independence. Musically the work is a mixture of delicate texts, nearly liturgical passages and an eerie, dramatic-rhythmic monumentality. The Berliner Singakademie music society is performing the work in its first arrangement (flute, guitar, bass, piano and drums). Conductor: Achim Zimmermann. With: Berliner Singakademie, Instrumentalensemble, Klaudia Zeiner (Alto), Daniel Ochoa (Baritone). More information


Alte Sau
Thursday, 20.06.19, 21:30
Volksbühne main stage
Concert-only ticket: 14 €
Combination ticket Bauhaus + Concert: 22 / conc. 14 €

Jens Rachut is a singer, writer, author and actor. In addition to producing his own plays, the Hamburg native has pursued numerous bands and projects such as Oma Hans and Kommando Sonnenmilch. In Alte Sau, his current project, Rachut’s highly idiosyncratic lyrics are also definitive, traversing the band’s off-beat pop punk. Concert following the performance of Schorsch Kamerun’s Das Bauhaus – Ein rettendes Requiem. More information


Der Plan
Saturday, 22.06.19, 21:45
Volksbühne main stage
Single ticket: 14 €
Combination ticket Bauhaus + concert: 22 / conc. 14 €

Since 1979 Frank Fenstermacher and Kurt Dahlke alias Pyrolator have been following a plan. Originally conceived as a plan for a worldwide uprising, the band has been writing music history ever since. It’s electronic pop-experiment has never been easily categorised and still projects a timeless cool today. Concert following the performance of Schorsch Kamerun’s Das Bauhaus – Ein rettendes Requiem. More information


Roter Salon

Monday, 10.06.19, 20:00
Volksbühne Roter Salon
13 €

Lafawndah’s journey to her current incarnation as a devotional pop polymath has progressed as unpredictably as her compositional style; her traversing of musical and artistic milieus has been defined by a freedom of tone, surrealist sense of space and assured manipulation of formal and psychological tension. Her debut album ANCESTOR BOY was released in spring 2019 via her own imprint CONCORDIA. More information


Vergessene Arbeitskämpfe – Ein Punk-Abend
Featuring: The Incredible Herrengedeck & Killer Jiller
Wednesday, 12.06.2019, 22:00
Volksbühne Roter Salon
8 / conc. 5 €

Punk must return to the Volksbühne and the struggles of workers must return to a workers’ theatre. In recent years, many places that punk bands could perform at in the middle of Berlin have disappeared. A group of five Volksbühne stagehands, with the support of many other colleagues at the theatre, are presenting a punk concert (2 bands, 1 DJ) every two months, commemorating a labour conflict – from the past or the present – over the course of each concert: in June it’s the British miners’ strike. Bands: The Incredible Herrengedeck and Killer Jiller. More information


Kirill Richter
Tuesday, 18.06.19, 19:00
Tuesday, 18.06.19, 21:00
Volksbühne Roter Salon
17 €

After quitting his studies in nuclear physics, and completing a degree in fashion design, Moscow-native Kirill Richter made a career out of his love for music: With remarkable speed, the 29-year-old became one of the most sought-after composers in a newly developing scene in Russia and can now be grouped with musicians such as Hauschka and Ólafur Arnalds. His expressive, minimalistic style has also garnered him international recognition. Having presented his debut work, Chronos, in the Royal Albert Hall in London and in the Elbphilharmonie, he's now appearing in the Roter Salon in a trio formation for two concerts on one evening. This is probably your last chance to see him in such an intimate setting. More information


Grüner Salon

African Acid is the Future:
Mdou Moctar
Thursday, 06.06.19, 22:00
Volksbühne Grüner Salon
20 €

Mdou Moctar’s unconventional interpretations of Tuareg guitar make him one of the most innovative artists in contemporary Saharan music. He’s celebrated for his original compositions and verbose poetry, an original creator in a genre defined by cover bands. Ever since Saharan rock became one of the continent’s biggest musical exports, Moctar has been shredding with a relentless and frenetic energy. Ilana is his latest opus, recorded in Detroit in 2018. We’ll probably hear a few songs from it, alongside the classics in his “répertoire” when Moctar plays in the intimate atmosphere of the Grüner Salon as part of African Acid Is The Future in Berlin. More information


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