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The Volksbühne's programme for June 2019

Dear colleagues in the press,

The Volksbühne’s programme for the month of June, with information on all premieres and events, is available for download here.

On the Volksbühne’s mainstage, in the Sternfoyer and in the Grüner Salon, Schorsch Kamerun is staging Das Bauhaus – Ein rettendes Requiem at the end of the season, featuring many guests and premiering on 20 June. The evening programme includes post-performance concerts - Hamburg punk band Alte Sau is playing after the premiere, Der Plan from Dusseldorf takes to the stage on 22 June.

On 8 June Thorsten Lensing’s production of Unendlicher Spaß (Infinite Jest) is appearing again at the Volksbühne as a guest performance. Performances from the repertory in June: Stefan Pucher’s production of Lulu, Bonn Park’s Drei Milliarden Schwestern (Three Billion Sisters), Leander Haußmann’s Haußmanns Staatssicherheitstheater (Haußmann’s State Security Theatre), Constanza Macras’ Der Palast, and Hermann Schmidt-Rahmer’s Volksverräter!! (Traitor of the people!!).

Das Bauhaus – ein rettendes Requiem (c) Collage by dataholic / Tobias Steinert

Other performances on the main stage: the concert performance They called her Nico and concerts with Holly Herndon and the Berliner Singakademie, which is performing the first arrangement of Mikis Theodorakis’ Canto General, based on texts by Pablo Neruda.

On the 3. Stock stage: Pınar Karabulut’s production of Die Hand ist ein einsamer Jäger (The Hand is a Lonely Hunter). P14, the Volksbühne’s youth theatre, is celebrating its final premiere of the season, a devised work by Lily Kuhlmann called Warten ist Existenz (Waiting is Existence), screening a collaboratively produced film titled Some Voodoo on these Motherfuckers and performing the repertory production Benvolio + Mercutio by Zelal Yesilyurt.

Tickets for all events in June may be purchased from 1 May online via, and from 2 May at the Volksbühne box office and by telephone on +49 (0) 30 2406 5777.

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