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Programme Grüner Salon in May

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We are delighted to invite you to the following events at the Grüner Salon in May:

Lyle Ashton Harris: Ektachrome Archives
Performance: 02.05.19, 03.05.2019, 21:00, 8 / con. 5 €, English

The Grüner Salon continues its collaboration with the KW Institute for Contemporary Art to present a performative presentation of NY-based artist Lyle Ashton Harris' Ektachrome Archives. The archives consist of thousands of photographs from his personal archive or ‘family album,’ shot between 1986 and 1996. During this charged period of globalization, the AIDS crisis and the formation of Queer Nations, Harris took intimate photographs of his friends, some of whom would later become cultural icons— Isaac Julien, John Akomfrah, Marlon T. Riggs, Nan Goldin, Catherine Opie, Glenn Ligon, bell hooks and others—together with images of lovers, boyfriends, self-portraits, landscapes, bedrooms and now-closed nightclubs. More Information


Raimund Hoghe in conversation with Prof. Dr. Gabriele Brandstetter

Discourse: 04.05.19, 16:00, 5 / con. 3 €, German

On May 3rd, the 2019 season of ASSEMBLE opens with a new performance piece by Raimund Hoghe at the Bethanien / Kunstraum Kreuzberg. The new commission is Hoghe’s first performance in Berlin in six years and is dedicated to the Bethanien and the artist’s memories of it from the 1990s. In the Grüner Salon, Hoghe reflects on this commission as well as the leading questions in his decades-long career as a dancer, choreographer and writer. with Dr. Gabriele Brandstetter. Dr. Brandstetter is a professor of dance and theater studies at the FU and co-director of the international research training group "Interweaving Performance Cultures," and has been a long-term conversation partner of Mr. Hoghe. More Information


School of Disobedience: Artificial Intelligence for the Common Good
Discourse: 06.05.19, 19:00, 5 / con. 3 €, English
Seminar: 20.05., 27.05., 03.06.19, 12:00-14:00, English
Free entrance, registration required

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technology that affects society directly, as it is structurally based on its information and is kept alive by our everyday interactions with services and products such as smartphones, search engines or social media. Current discussions surrounding the ethics and laws of AI focus on the commercialization of Democratic values through individualist instruments. However, this reactionary approach does not entail any strategy for action, and will fail when faced with collective problems. Action implies contesting by presenting alternatives. The evening event and the 3-part workshop with Lorena Jaume-Palasi therefore focus on analyzing power structures mediated through technology, in order to develop social fictions focused on the common good and public interest with the use of AI. More information and registration


Whatever you want! Die Neuen Auftraggeber (The New Patrons).
Debate Culture: Mediation and Conflict Transformation in Crisis Zones

Discourse: 07.05.19, 19:00, 5 / con. 3 €, German

Conflicts are good; As long as there is room for dialogue. Every democracy is a constructive cultivation of conflict. Some conflicts, however, are so complicated, deadlocked, or even dangerous that the conflicting parties can see no way out. The evening addresses the question: what happens when some conflicts cannot be “solved?” Guests discuss the challenges and potentials of hot and cold, warlike, crisis, and everyday conflicts, and their transformative influence on those involved. They attempt to broaden the concept of a common ground and proposing a new imaginary scenario, which can seem intangible in conflict settings and needs to be discovered. With Hans-Joachim Gießmann, Prof. Dr. Angela Mickley and Frank Richter, Moderated by Alexander Koch. More Information


Nazis & Goldmund: The Future of Resistance 2. Solidarity Solos
Discourse: 09.05.19, 19:00, 5 / con. 3 €, German

Under the title Solidarity Solos, the authors’ collective Nazis & Goldmund regularly invites guests to the Grüner Salon: People from the arts, science and activism give it their best with their solo performances. They present performances, texts, thoughts and reports that are aimed at the goal of a solidary society, a stage of the many, but not a stage ‘of the people’. In May, Elisa Liepsch and Julian Warner join as guests. In September 2018 they published the book Allianzen. Kritische Praxis an weißen Institutionen (Alliances. Critical practice at white institutions). As part of Solidarity Solos, they expand on their discussion of anti-racist reforms in the theater world and opportunities for supportive cooperation within structurally violent circumstances. More Information


Real Talk: On New Beginnings: Berlin´s Arab Exile Body
Discourse: 10.05.19, 19:00, 5 / con. 3 €, English

Egyptian sociologist Amro Ali offers such a perspective: he recently penned an essay characterizing Berlin as an exile capital with enormous potential to be a political laboratory. The networks of exile in Berlin have the potential to release immense intellectual and artistic energy, yet the urge for fundamental political change that could emanate from it tends to fizzle out. How could these Arab diasporic spaces overcome their paralyzing political despair and inactivity? In the first part of the evening, Amro Ali will present his ideas on the challenges facing the burgeoning of this political body, and propose a new type of beginning. In the second part, three young Syrian filmmakers and students from Bard College Berlin, Wafa Mustafa, Anas Maghrebi and Rafat Alkotaini, will respond by showing short films that shed light on the experiences of exile in Berlin; namely, political experiences with an existential dimension. More Information


Roee Rosen: Kafka for Kids, with Hani Furstenberg
Performance: 14.05.19, 21:00, 10 / con. 8 €, English

Artist, author and filmmaker Roee Rosen’s current project Kafka for Kids departs from his humorous attempt to make Franz Kafka’s disturbing and multi-layered stories accessible for toddlers. Rosen takes this project as a starting point for a larger discussion on what are appropriate materials and behaviours for children, problematizing the idea of childhood and naivete as a privileged perspective on life. In his characteristic way he applies dark humor and subconscious urges to his research materials, resulting in an evening that is both silly, inappropriate and yet politically urgent. Featuring actor Hani Furstenberg, known for her performance in the film The Loneliest Planet and for her Broadway and off-Broadway appearances. More Information


Lena Willikens & Sarah Szczesny: Phantom Kino Ballett
Performance: 15.05.19, 16.05.2019, 21:00, 10 / con. 8 €, English

Sarah Szczesny and Lena Willikens have been developing their process-based audiovisuell drama Phantom Kino Ballet since 2015. At the center of their collaboration is a soundtrack made of music, film quotes and interview snippets, which are visualized in a video. According to the artists, "Phantom Kino Ballett is a sound fragment and black theatre, Holly Woodlawns nervous breakdowns, Taros’ animated appregios, Mario Montez’ mobile, Maria Callas’ chiffre and Anna Oppermann’s eyelashes.” Phantom Kino Ballett appears as a cabinet of curiosities. More Information


An Evening with Starship and Guests: The Near Future
Discourse, Visual Art: 18.05.19, 21:00, 5 / con. 3 €, German and English

On the occasion of their exhibition The Near Future at LVX, the Volksbühne Pavilion, the former and current Starship editors shape the evening. These might be conversational or performative reflections, a revisiting of texts that were published in Starship, or moving and still images in which Starship anticipates the new, lurking just beneath the layer of the present.With Hans Christian Dany, Ariane Müller, Gerry Bibby and Guest. More Information


2 um 8: Der radioeins und Freitag Salon
Jakob Augstein in Conversation with Sawsan Chebli

Discourse: 20.05.19, 20:00, 10 / con. 8 €, German

Once a month on radioeins and the Freitag Salon at Grüner Salon, the journalist and publisher Jakob Augstein sits down with a different guest to discuss politics in culture, society and its constraints, the mechanisms of publicity and lies, and the disappearance of democracy in capitalist societies. radioeins broadcasts the conversations live. With Sawsan Chebli (State of Berlin Delegate to the Federation and Permanent Secretary for Active Citizenship and International Relations) he discusses the challenges to society and democracy posed by populism and online hate speech, as well as the opportunities for social strengthening through civil engagement. More Information


Technobodies: Pecha Kucha Art Night on the Post-Digital
Discourse, Performance: 23.05.19, 19:00, 5 / con. 3 €, German and English

In the digital age, the digital is no longer simply digital and new technologies such as virtual reality or augmented reality are producing new art and exhibition formats. Museums use digital tools for mediation. But does this also increase the visibility, accessibility, and democratization of artworks? Within the Pecha-Kucha presentation format of exactly 6:40 minutes and 20 images per speaker, guests report on exhibition and mediation formats, as well as the commercial potential in the post-digital age. With Antje Akkermann, Tilman Baumgärtel, Philip Hausmeier, Janne Nora Kummer, Wolf Lieser, Peggy Schoenegge, Anika Meier, Adrian Waschmann, Nina Roehrs, Manuel Rossner and Sakrowski. Mehr Informationen


An Evening with Anh Trieu and Guests: Birds of a Feather
Film: 24.05.19, 21:00, 5 / con. 3 €, German, English, Vietnamese

Filmmaker and cultural anthropologist Hai Anh Trieu presents Birds of a Feather (work in progress). The film traces one family’s attempt to actively construct a coherent family narrative over vast distances and stretches of time. The film is a meditation on the vicissitudes of diasporic belonging in the age of transnational migration and reproducible media. The evening is framed by Roan (2019), a short film by the Berlin-based director Thuy Trang Nguyen and a conversation between author and theatermaker Hieu Hoang and visual artist Minh Duc Pham. More information


La Stampa
Concert: 25.05.19, 21:00, 12 / con. 10 €

The band La Stampa (Italian: “the press”) released their newest album Bonjour Trieste in 2018 on the London Label The Vinyl Factory, following their first album Pictures Never Stop (2010, Staatsakt). The pop band of former Frieze editor-in-chief Jörg Heiser worked on Bonjour Trieste with the Hamburg producer Thomas Levi. The Tagesspiegel wrote of the new album: “Bonjour Trieste is a testament to how unconstrained, how free-floating pop music can be, how it doesn’t need any superstructure (...) sadness belongs to the past.” More information


VariaVision: Johann Lurf. Cavalcades in and out the Film Frame
Film, Discourse: 28.05.19, 21:00, 8 / con. 5 €, English

For the last VariaVision event of the 2018/19 season, the work of Austrian filmmaker Johann Lurf will be celebrated with an almost comprehensive retrospective of his shorts and the German premiere of his most recent film, Cascade. Film by film, the artist will introduce his works, together with the film critic Jordan Cronk and VB Film Curator Giulio Bursi.Co-curated by Jordan Crank, in collaboration with Acropolis Cinema (Los Angeles) and Sixpack Film. More information


Ciao Bauhaus!
Discourse: 29.05.19, 19:00, 8 / con. 5 €, German

Director and musician Schorsch Kamerun will stage the premiere of Das Bauhaus – ein rettendes Requiem in June. Three weeks beforehand, the Volksbühne and projekt bauhaus invites everyone to join in lectures, discussions, and performances at the Grüner Salon as part of the event Ciao Bauhaus! At a cultural moment in which the idea of the Bauhaus seems to have become little but an empty word that almost anything can be projected onto, the events aim to discuss the contemporary social relevance of the Bauhaus. Is the idea of the Bauhaus really still alive? Which ideas are still effective today, and are they relevant for the future? And which ideas should we just bid farewell? With Beatriz Colomina, Theo Deutinger, Tatiana Efrussi, Heike Geissler, Jan Kage, Schorsch Kamerun, Alexander Kluge (film), Philipp Oswalt, Peter Richter, Antje Stahl, Marion von Osten and Mark Wigley. More information



As a venue for visual art and discourse, the Grüner Salon appears in a different costume almost every night. It welcomes artists and thinkers, as well as Berlin communities and initiatives to present their work in its intimate atmosphere. Whether it is used as a stage, a seminar room or a dance floor, the Grüner Salon provides space for forms of care and hospitality, explores performativity and body politics and focuses on possibilities of dismantling inequalities and building new alliances.


For press tickets or further information please contact or +49 (0)30 24065 622. Text and photo materials can be found in the Press Area of the website.

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