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Literature in the Volksbühne in January

Beginning in January, the established literary, discussion and concert programming at the Roter Salon will be enriched with two new series - Das Theoretische Duett and the Reformbühne. The Volksbühne is commemorating Rosa Luxemburg, for whom the square in front of Volksbühne is named, with two events. Jutta Hoffmann reads texts by Einar Schleef for the author’s 75th birthday in the Roter Salon, and on the main stage, songwriter, painter and storyteller Funny van Dannen plays songs old and new.

Das Theoretische Duett empfiehlt Taktiken des Verharmlosens
With: Prof. Dr. Brigitte Emmersdorfer and Henrik van den Grachten
Guest: Kat Kaufmann (Komponistin)
Saturday, 05.01.2019, 20:00
Volksbühne Roter Salon
10 / conc. 7 €

The “Theoretical Duet” recommends tactics of trivialisation – conversations and little films about branches of pop culture in relation to classical music. Music sociologist Prof. Dr. Brigitte Emmersdorfer (Vienna) and journalist and host of various discussion formats Hendrik van den Grachten (Amsterdam) are unified by their long-term and continual search for the manifestation of the fetish character in music, connected with their respective ways of decrypting and forms of experience. Are trauma and spirituality conventional pioneers of the modern? More information


Die Reformbühne Heim & Welt – mit Text und Ton das Ohr am Zahn der Zeit
Sunday, 06.01.19, 20:00: Moses Wolff and Frieder Butzmann
Sunday, 13.01.19, 20:00: Uli Hannemann and Lüül
Sunday, 20.01.19, 20:00: Wladimir Kaminer and Michael Hatzius
Sunday, 27.01.19, 20:00: Daniela Böhle and Manfred Maurenbrecher
Volksbühne Roter Salon
8 / conc. 5 €

Since January 1995, the Reformbühne Heim & Welt (roughly: Stage of Reform – Home and World) has taken place – under its perpetual motto “the best is something new” – every Sunday, but really every damn Sunday, in order to share with the audience stories and songs, agitation and propaganda, jokes and whims, as well as the best and rest. Every Sunday new texts, every Sunday new guests, every Sunday literature, satire, poetry slam and music. Every Sunday two hours of Heim und Welt in the Roter Salon.


Rosa Luxemburg – Zur Aktualität ihres eingreifenden Denkens
With: Lea Ypi, Ernst Piper und Paul Mason
Host: Johanna Bussemer
German / English
Thursday, 10.01.19, 20:00
Volksbühne Roter Salon
Free admission

Rosa Luxemburg was an economist, sought-after journalist, passionate botanist. Politics for her was applied philosophy. In this panel discussion, Lea Ypi and Paul Mason, together with other guests, examine the relevance of Rosa Luxemburg's “interventionist thought”. In collaboration with the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and Wissenschaftskolleg Berlin. More information


The Mazookas
Illustrated German Bluegrass – fast, loud, shrill
Saturday, 12.01.19, 20:00
Volksbühne Roter Salon
12 €

The Mazookas are a group of illustrators and graphic designers from Berlin who present their graphic art by playing popular folk music from Eastern Europe to West America. They took their name from a quote from the New Orleans jazz piano player Jelly Roll Morton, who pronounced the traditional Polish folk dance »Mazurka« as »Mazooka«. In December 2018 their record Sonntagspicknick was released on Buschfunk Berlin, complete with a richly illustrated 24-page booklet, poster and screenprint. More information


Festtafel: Ein Gang für Rosa Luxemburg
Tuesday, 15.01.19, 20:30
Volksbühne Roter Salon and Grüner Salon
8 / conc. 5 €

In remembrance of one of the most unusual people to ever stand on the side of the European left. A thinker who aspired to equality in freedom and solidarity – without playing the one against the other. A woman that already displayed much of what the political left now has to re-learn. Today Rosa Luxemburg is still a provocation. In addition to food and drink, we're serving up courageous and encouraging texts from her life. An event from the Volksbühne Berlin, in cooperation with the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung. This programme is part of a themed project over the winter called „100 Years of Revolution -- Berlin 1918/19“, organised by the Kulturprojekte Berlin. More information


Jutta Hoffmann reads Einar Schleef for the author’s 75th Birthday
Book presentation: Vor dem Palast. Gespräche mit Einar Schleef with Corinne Orlowski and Hans-Ulrich Müller-Schwefe
Wednesday, 16.01.19, 20:00
Volksbühne Roter Salon
8 / conc. 5 €

Born in Sangerhausen (Saxony-Anhalt), Schleef left in 1964 to study painting and set design in East Berlin. His first works for the theatre followed. His 1975 production of Miss Julie, directed together with B.K. Tragelehn at the Berliner Ensemble, became the stuff of legend; it was cancelled after only 10 performances because it presented a cultural-political nuisance. In 1976 Schleef travelled to the West and stayed, eventually settling in Frankfurt to work as a director. His production of Mütter (Mothers) caused an uproar. The world premieres of Jelinek’s Sportstück (Sports Play) at the Burgtheater in Vienna and Hochhuth’s Wessis in Weimar (West Germans in Weimar) at the Berliner Ensemble were just as celebrated as they were controversial. Einar Schleef passed away in Berlin in 2001. Actress Jutta Hoffmann acted in several Schleef productions including Fräulein Julie (Miss Julie, title role) and his final staging Verratenes Volk (A Betrayed People). On the day before what would have been his 75th birthday, Jutta Hoffmann reads stories and tales by Schleef such as “Zuhause”, “Arthur” and “Die Villa”. More information


Funny van Dannen
Friday, 25.01.19, 20:00
Volksbühne main stage
18 / conc. 13 €

Funny van Dannen is a musician, storyteller, painter and father. The stories in his songs are endearingly loopy, active, often naive and mostly on the border of the trivial, without drifting into the banal. Now he's back at the Volksbühne with his chanson-like folk songs about the ins and outs of love, suffering both great and small, and our eccentric world – all for the further exploration of the German soul. More information


Poets of Migration
Friday, 01.02.19, 21:00
Volksbühne main stage
14 / conc. 9 €

The Poets of Migration (POEM), founded by Wolfgang Farkas, Ok–Hee Jeong and Zoran Terzic, are an author collective and literary platform. They open borders. Invite authors to participate. Bring stories about origins (and futures) to the stage. Enriched with video interviews, imaginary soundtracks and personal images. Guests for this edition: Imran Ayata, Josepha Conrad aka Susie Asado and Yade Yasemin Önder. More information


More information can be found at Tickets are available at the Volksbühne box office, by telephone on +49 (0) 30 2406 5777 and online. Please contact the press office at or by telephone on +49 (0)30 24065 610 with press ticket and interview requests, or with any other questions. Photos and further texts can be found in the press section of our website.

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