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Leander Haußmann stages Haußmanns Staatssicherheitstheater as a world premiere at the Volksbühne

Following his previous Volksbühne productions, Hauptmann’s Lonely Lives, Plenzdorf’s Legend of Paul and Paula and Ibsen’s Rosmersholm, Leander Haußmann is back with the world premiere of Haußmanns Staatssicherheitstheater (Haußmann’s State Security Theatre) on 14 December. Together with Uwe Dag Berlin, Antonia Bill, Waldemar Kobus, Horst Kotterba, Matthias Mosbach, Christopher Nell, Silvia Rieger and Norbert Stöß, as well as Lennart Hillmann, Karl Schaper and Daniel Felix Adolf (students at the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts), Sir Henry (Piano) and Herman Herrmann (guitar), Haußmann digs up the “Stasi’s allotment garden” in this production.

Haußmanns Staatssicherheitstheater is a comedy about betrayal, the dilettantes’ finest hour, the value of art and the Stasi as an extended arm of petit bourgeois mediocrity: The Ministry for State Security (Stasi) has lost the plot. The bohemians in Prenzlauer Berg are creating art, the minister responsible for them understands none of it and smells treason. He establishes a task force called LSD, in which operatives are trained in art. Idiots are turned into artists. They infiltrate the subcultural scene and become part of the avant garde. But what happens when the operatives with arts training suddenly create exciting art? What is the art still worth when it turns out that everyone was part of the Stasi?

Haußmanns Staatssicherheitstheater
by Leander Haußmann
World premiere on Friday 14 December 2018, 19:30
Additional performances: 15 and 21 December 2018 as well as 5 Januar 2019
Volksbühne main stage

Text and Direction: Leander Haußmann
Set Design: Lothar Holler
Costumes: Janina Brinkmann
Lighting Design: Henning Streck
Music Direction: Sir Henry
Photography: Harald Hauswald
Dramaturgy: Steffen Sünkel

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