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Concerts in the Volksbühne in December

The Volksbühne Berlin is presenting the following concerts on the main stage, Roter Salon and Grüner Salon in December:

Main Stage

Malakoff Kowalski
Sunday, 2 December, 20:00
Volksbühne main stage
22 / 18 €

Born Aram Pirmoradi, this composer has dedicated his career to the piano. Together with Gonzales and Hauschka and many more, he's part of a new musical movement that has emerged in recent years. In 2017 he composed the music for Faust I – a production directed by Stephan Kimming at Schauspiel Stuttgart. At the Volksbühne, Malakoff Kowalski will play My First Piano, selections from his last two records as well as his upcoming release. More information


Christmas Concert: Rainald Grebe and guests
Sunday, 23 December, 19:00
Volksbühne main stage
24 / 20 €

“I've sat in front of this stage so many times, but I've never stood upon it:” Rainald Grebe, on his relationship to the Volksbühne. And now, his moment has finally arrived. For this occasion he's devised a special programme, inviting several guests for a unique Christmas concert. Including: Die Kapelle der Versöhnung, Die Sogenannte Anarchistische Musikwirtschaft, and Thomas Quasthoff. More information


Christmas in Russian: Theory and Practice of Love
Wladimir Kaminer
Tuesday, 25 December 2018, 21:00
Volksbühne main stage
18 / 14 €

Every year at Christmas, Wladimir Kaminer and his wife Olga, his mother, his mother-in-law and both his children gather in the Volksbühne cafeteria. There's Christmas goose with dumplings, red and green cabbage. “Couldn't we have something else for a change?” he asked us, and for this, his 10th year, we're going to fulfil his wish. Afterwards he'll take to the stage and tell his stories. Followed by a Russendisko party in the Roter Salon until the early morning hours. More information

From 11 pm in Roter Salon: Russendisko

Tickets (7€) only available from the box office on the evening of


The FIL on the hill – Concert and Standup
Wednesday, 26 December 2018, 19:00
Thursday, 27 December 2018, 19:00
Sunday, 30 December 2018, 19:00
Monday, 31 December 2018, 18:00
Volksbühne main stage
18 / 9 €

In his new show, FIL descends from the mountain he’s been living on since his ninth birthday (that's a metaphorical mountain, like The Magic Mountain, actually a real mountain, so it's more like a mountain of debt, which should actually be called a pit of debt, right?). FIL’s spent the past few decades concentrating on not making too big of a deal out of his grandeur.

He became a comedian. He was happy because he was able to live out his two great talents: modesty and genius. And now, a new show once again. Just like every year by the way. Different from last year. More information


Roter Salon

Sophia Kennedy
Saturday, 1 December 2018, 20:00
Volksbühne Roter Salon
18 €

Elegant, melancholic, sometimes menacing, with smoldering piano melodies, desolately whistling organs: Sophia Kennedy’s debut album Sophia Kennedy presents herself as a dramatic romanticist, as a deft lyricist and master of melody. Over her eleven songs, she travels from doo-wop to dubstep, from classic crooning to breathless R'n'B, from Frank Sinatra to Beyoncé. Her talent for songwriting is deeply rooted in history, yet it seeks nothing but the present: both historically versed and timelessly beautiful at the same time. More information


Daniel Blumberg
Sunday, 2 December 2018, 20:00
Volksbühne Roter Salon
15 €

A newly signed artist from Daniel Miller's Mute label. His songs are described as gloomy, melancholic and experimental, and were created in the artistic milieu of London's Cafe Oto. More information


Tropa Macaca
Tuesday, 4 December 2018, 21:00
Volksbühne Roter Salon
12 €

The music of Tropa Macaca is the fruit of a subjectivity of a couple. Tropa Macaca is André Abel (guitar) and Joana da Conceição (synth & electronics), based out of Lisbon and publicly active for a little over a decade now. Their new LP Caçador do Futuro was released this March 2018 on DUNNO Recordings. More information


CTM (Posh Isolation) & Polido
Thursday, 13 December 2018, 22:00
Volksbühne Roter Salon
12 €

Cæcilie Trier is a Copenhagen based cellist, singer, and composer. Her classical training is reflected in her many and varied projects and collaborations. Acclaimed by the critics from the earliest moments of her career, Trier’s previous album Suite For A Young Girl was nominated for the prestigious Nordic Music Prize in 2017. More information


Tashi Wada Group and Marc Sabat ft. Julia Holter
Saturday, 22 December 2018, 22:00
Volksbühne Roter Salon
12 €

Los Angeles-based composer Tashi Wada presents his new group featuring Julia Holter and percussionist Corey Fogel performing music from Wada's new album Nue, released this fall on Brooklyn-based label RVNG Intl. In Japanese, ‘nue’ is a mythological chimera with the face of a monkey, the legs of a tiger, and the tail of a snake. In French, nue means naked—stripped of complexity, bare and exposed, but also raw and essential. This duality underlies Nue, from the doubling of tones—and the world of harmonic nuances such an action produces—to the rich interplay between individual musicians, all baring their own personalities and experiences through shared performance. More information


Grüner Salon

Michaela Meise
Saturday, 15 December 2018, 21:00
Volksbühne Grüner Salon
8 / 5 €

Together with Barbara Wagner (Britta) and Simeon Cöster (Isolation Berlin), Berlin artist Michaela Meise performs songs from her summer album Ich bin Griechin – a tribute to the album Je Suis Grecque by Greek musician Melina Mercouri, who had her citizenship taken away by the right-wing military junta in the 1970s. Meise's music is dedicated to the chanson scene of post-war Europe, whose songs were both political and traditional. Many take on the experiences of war, the Shoah and alienation. But they also tell of loved ones and reconciliation. Meise translated Greek, French and Romanian songs into German with some help from her friends. More information



> New Year’s concert: Dota, 1 January, 20:00, main stage


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