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Albert Serra films Liberté - final performances at the Volksbühne on Friday and Saturday

Director Albert Serra is currently working on the film adaptation of his theatre piece Liberté, which premiered at the Volksbühne on 22 February. The producers are Idéale Audience, Andergraun Films and Rosa Filmes. Serra is presenting the film project with excerpts for the first time on Saturday at 9:30 pm in the Roter Salon.

The final performances of Liberté at the Volksbühne are taking place Friday (6 pm artist talk with Albert Serra, 7 pm performance) and Saturday (6:15 pm introduction, 7 pm performance). The play follows a group of libertines that went into exile in Germany shortly before the French Revolution. The ensemble around Helmut Berger, Ingrid Caven and Anne Tismer finds each other again on a naturalistic-fantastic set by Sebastian Vogler, in a glade somewhere between Potsdam and Berlin. Not only did the audience’s reaction after the premiere range from angry boos to enthusiastic bravos, the critics were also split:

While Deutschlandfunk Kultur demanded the “fastest possible removal of the piece”, Spiegel Online noted: “Liberté presents in … a radical fashion, how the magnificent misfit Albert Serra makes use of theatre’s machine of illusions. A grandiose and strange spectacle”. The reviews in international magazines such as Artforum, frieze and Mousse are also noteworthy.

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