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Online premiere of the Rheingold web series by Jan Bonny and Alex Wissel available from 23 April on Volksbühne Fullscreeen

Rheingold, a ten-part web series shot in February in the Volksbühne, is a frivolous social satire about the rise and fall of Düsseldorf art consultant Helge Achenbach. By manipulating invoices (artistic collages!), he earned a fortune and then ended up in prison for this million-euro fraud. It features Bibiana Beglau, Jean-Luc Bubert, Franziska Hartmann, Joachim Król, Ronald Kukulies, Shenja Lacher, Emma Meyer, Günther Möbius, Edith Saldanha, Julian Sark, Johanna Schäfer-Asch, Roland Silbernagl, Cem Lukas Yeginer and Oleg Zhukov. Rheingold will be available online beginning on 23 April on Volksbühne Fullscreen. On 25 May all ten episodes will be screened on the Volksbühne main stage, followed by a panel discussion with Jan Bonny and Alex Wissel. Click here for the trailer.

With a light-hearted tone, director Jan Bonny and visual artist Alex Wissel have drawn up a comedy of manners about the role of art in neo-liberal flux, an entire generation’s loss of political and social values, and the demise of the leftist idea. The stage sets further exaggerate the unreality of this true fairytale and create the setting for an open narrative form in which roles are constantly swapped. A story about the longings of a trickster and the big question: how did Joseph Beuys’ dictum “everyone is an artist” turn into “Me, Incorporated”, how did art turn into a metaphor for entrepreneurial spirit?

Rheingold was commissioned for Volksbühne Fullscreen and produced in cooperation with all the departments of the Volksbühne, from the technical department through costumes and props to make-up.

Jan Bonny is a film director and screenwriter based in Cologne. He has been recognised with awards and nominations by the European Film Awards, Short Film Festival Oberhausen and Grimme Award and numerous festivals have screened his films - including Gegenüber (Counterparts, 2008), Der Tod macht Engel aus uns alle (2013) and Über Barbarossaplatz (2015).

Alex Wissel is a visual artist. He lives and works in Dusseldorf and Munich. In a collaboration with director Jan Bonny begun in 2011, Wissel has created various cinematic projects. Since 2016 he has also been working with Maximiliane Baumgartner on a series of publications and paintings about the NSU trials in Munich.

by Jan Bonny and Alex Wissel
From 23 April 2018 every Monday on Volksbühne Fullscreen
25 May 2018: Screening of all ten episodes plus panel discussion with Jan Bonny and Alex Wissel
Volksbühne Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, main stage

From 13 April, Jan Bonny and Alex Wissel present parts of the set in the Volksbühne pavilion under the title Honey is Flowing in all Directions.

Please write to or call +49 (0)30 24065 610 for press tickets.

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