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New in March: Four Grüne Abende with film, performance and concert in the Grüner Salon

Michael Amstad und Marte Eknæs. People Mover

In addition to presenting their own productions in the Grüner Salon this season, Calla Henkel and Max Pitegoff regularly invite guests for various evenings of performance, the Grüne Abende. Four of these evenings will take place over the next two weeks, featuring artist Marte Eknæs, filmmaker Michael Amstad, artist and musician Sandra Mujinga, house band Möbelkammer, artist Karl Holmqvist and DJ Eric D. Clark in the programme.

Friday, 16 March at 9 pm
Grüner Abend: Michael Amstad and Marte Eknæs. People Mover

Berlin-based artist Marte Eknæs and filmmaker/animator Michael Amstad present their short film People Mover, 2017, which follows a loose narrative set in an imaginary city and asks how we form and in turn are affected by commercial and sometimes alienating systems and surroundings. The programme also consists of two short films related to People Mover: John Smith’s Blight, 1994–96, and Charles Atlas/Karole Armitage’s From An Island Summer, 1983–84. The film program will be interspersed with a live set by the Berlin and Portugal-based musician Polido, who worked on the sound design for People Mover.

Friday, 23 March at 9 pm
Grüner Abend: Sandra Mujinga. Nocturnal Kinship

Berlin-based artist and musician Sandra Mujinga constructs worlds and identities through performances incorporating her own music, costume and video elements. In the Grüner Salon, Mujinga will present a new piece with three performers accompanied by a live musical set. With: Alea Kristal Alexis, Christèle Baonga-Alunga, Cassianne Lawrence

Thursday, 29 March at 9 pm
Grüner Abend: Möbelkammer

In the depths of the Volksbühne, between pianos, benches, lecterns, chairs, tables and sofas there has always has been and will always be music. Sometimes it's out of key, but that's not the point. Finding joy and pleasure in making music among coworkers has a long tradition here. There have been many evenings, many songs, many people, arguments, love, happiness, tears. Making music brings people together. Möbelkammer is the Volksbühne's house band, named after its furniture storage room – a place where a lot of stuff is stowed away, some of it as old as the hills but some of it brand new. This is their first standalone public concert. With: Eike Grögel, Anke Marschall, Fee Aviv Marschall, Antje Schulz, Yvonne Schulz, Sir Henry, Jan Wüstenberg.

Friday, 30 March at 9 pm
Grüner Abend: Karl Holmqvist with Eric D. Clark. #PLZ, RESCHYKLI$CCH

Words can come back. They can play in your head. Gradually changing their meaning as they do so. So. So. So. A young art student once told me, “I thought I was heterosexual, but then Eric D. Clark came to our school and now I don’t know.” Music is what makes people come together... #ICHTANKEGRÜN #ICHTANKEGRÜN #ICHTANKEGRÜN #ICHTANKEGRÜN #ICHTANKEGRÜN #ICHTANKEGRÜN #ICHTANKEGRÜN #ICHTANKEGRÜN #ICHTANKEGRÜN #ICHTANKEGRÜN #ICHTANKEGRÜN #ICHTANKEGRÜN #ICHTANKEGRÜN #ICHTANKEGRÜN #ICHTANKEGRÜN #ICHTANKEGRÜN…

Berlin-based artist Karl Holmqvist reads #PLZ, RESCHYKLI$CCH. Before and/or after that there’ll be a DJ set from Eric D. Clark.

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