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World premiere of Albert Serra's Liberté on 22 February 2018

Written and directed by Albert Serra, Liberté is the award-winning Catalan film and theatre director’s first work for the stage in the German-speaking world. Celebrating its world premiere on 22 February at the Volksbühne, the play is performed by a diverse European ensemble composed of legendary theatre and film actors, young up-and-coming performers and amateurs, including: Ingrid Caven, Helmut Berger, Anne Tismer, Stefano Cassetti, Johanna Dumet, Ann Göbel, Leonie Jenning, Catalin Jugravu, Günther Möbius, Jeanette Spassova and Laurean Wagner.

Anno 1774, shortly before the French Revolution. Somewhere between Potsdam and Berlin. A group of French libertines have escaped the new, ultra-conservative government of Louis XVI. They then meet with legendary German freethinker and seducer Duc de Walchen (Helmut Berger). In a country ruled by a hypocritical regime of virtue, the mission of this group of expats under the leadership of the cunning Duchesse de Valselay (Ingrid Caven) is to export to Germany the libertinage, a philosophy based on the rejection of moral boundaries and authorities. Over the course of their search for partners, the expats discover that this derelict parkland is the meeting place of a group of decadent local libertines and freethinking courtiers of Frederick the Great. But the Germans, with their idiosyncrasies, aren’t quite convinced by such a radical trend just yet, so the ever-ambitious Duchess de Valselay develops some sophisticated strategies for improving libertinage’s marketing. Albert Serra stages a tableau vivant of old Europe, in which new fashions and modern business practices take on grotesque forms.

Albert Serra, a “connoisseur of obscurity” (Artforum), is considered to be both one of the young master directors in contemporary cinema, as well as among the strongest voices in independent European film production, together with his company Andergraun. Through his films, installations, theatrical performances and performances, Serra has created a unique landscape composed of intense and provocative historical and literary figures such as Don Quixote, Casanova, Louis XIV, Fassbinder and Goethe.

To accompany Liberté, the Volksbühne is also presenting the 101 hour-long film that Albert Serra created during dOCUMENTA (13), Three Little Pigs, from 23 February to 11 March, as well as his film about the last days of Casanova, Historia de la meva mort (Story of My Death), on 27 February. All dates and information can be found here.

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