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English surtitles

Starting with the 2019/20 season, all repertoire performances on the big stage will be with English surtitles (except dance productions).


We offer introductions and artis talks for some performances. Please check the schedule.

Education Programme

Approach our productions from different perspectives. Take part in introductions, workshops and guided tours, providing yourself and your class with a vivid glimpse into the thought and work processes of the theatre. In this way, we supplement your lessons and expand your school’s extra-curricular realm to include the theatre.

On request, we are happy to provide an introductory talk about the ongoing productions in our programme. Volksbühne staff members will give you and your class insights into the creative process and shed light on the creative steps leading to the presentation of a performance.

Presentation-related workshops – at the theatre or in your school
In a 3 to 4-hour workshop and using the theatre’s resources, pupils become familiar with a production’s subject matter and aesthetics. Through a practical and creative exploration of the play or performance, a personal connection to the production is established.This direct theatrical experience turns the theatre visit into a memorable experience and helps students develop their own opinion of the production. On request, following the workshop and the performance, we can conduct a closing discussion with you and your class – at the theatre or in your school. As supplemental information, we will provide you with comprehensive folders containing secondary material and excerpts from the respective scripts.

Guided tours

Guided tours of the Volksbühne are conducted by Achim Busch, retired stage master. Tickets can be purchased for 4 euros at the box office. Groups can arrange further dates individually at Guided tours through the workshops of the Volksbühne are provided by Frank Mittmann, the head of the workshops.

P14 – the youth theatre of Volksbühne Berlin

P14 offers young people the opportunity to gain experience in the theatre business and to try things out for themselves. The youth theatre operates according to the motto: MACHT EUER THEATER SELBER! (Make Your Own Theatre!). The project’s aim is to involve and accompany young people in the production process. In addition to creating sets, the project participants also perform tasks related to production and communicate internally with members
of the theatre in the various departments. Assisted by the theatre’s different ‘Werkstätten’ (internal trade workshops), the young people are responsible for costumes, technical equipment and staging. P14 participants work according to their interests, allowing everyone to take part in the productions of the youth theatre.

Contact & Information
Vanessa Unzalu Troya, P14 Jugendtheater der Volksbühne
+49 (0)30 2406 5688

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