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Massacre: Variations on a Theme
Alexandra Bachzetsis

Online, Dance, Performance

Four dancers oscillate feverishly between mechanical movements and animistic gestures. An original score for two pianos, one a player piano, alternately dictates and tracks their movements. Bachzetsis throws the bodies of her performers into a continuum of opposing forces, encompassing the physical and visual vocabulary of tarantism, step sequences of Northern Soul, Dada, Surrealism and the movements of pioneering figures in dance, including Trisha Brown and Simone Forti.

Produced by Volksbühne Fullscreen and arranged from the work originally commissioned by The Museum of Modern Art, New York.

Commissioned by: The Museum of Modern Art, New York
Co-produced with Kaserne Basel, Theaterhaus Gessnerallee, Zürich and Robert Rauschenberg Foundation
Supported by: Kooperative Fördervereinbarung between: Stadt Zürich, Fachausschuss Tanz and Theater BS/BL, Pro Helvetia-Schweizer Kulturstiftung, GGG Basel, Jubiläumsstiftung Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank.

With special thanks to Stuart Comer and Andreas Melas.

From the date of premiere all Fullscreen-Productions are available 24h a day!


Concept & Choreography: Alexandra Bachzetsis
Direction: Alexandra Bachzetsis, Glen Fogel
Camera and Editing: Glen Fogel
Music, Sound Design: Tobias Koch
Performers: Yumiko Funaya, Lenio Kaklea, Alma Toaspern, Dimitra Vlachou
Costume design: Cosima Gadient
Costume Assistant: Yonatan Zohar
Costume & Body Painting: Margarita Bofiliou
Costume & Body Paintings Assistant: Sofia Simaki
Costume & Body Painting Assistant: Antria Kyriakidou
Body Painting Model: Alexandra Rogovska
Lighting: Patrik Rimann
Makeup an Hair: Olga Patsiou
Video Assisants: Pepi Levogianni, Andrew Kerton
Set Runner: Romnick Palo
Production Management: Clara Becker
Production Assistant: Sotiris Vasiliou
Production: Association All Exclusive
Communication Design: Julia Born
Artistic Producer: John McKiernan


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