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Photo: Joachim Koltzer

Sophie Scholl: Es reut mich nichts –
Porträt einer Widerständigen
von Robert M. Zoske


Digital book premiere

Moderated by Shelly Kupferberg

How does a woman turn into a hero?

Everyone is familiar with the iconic images of Sophie Scholl: the dramatic film sequences in a university atrium in Munich have made their way into our cultural memory. We remember the death-defying defender of humanity standing in court. Yet, the icon threatens to smother the person behind it: a young woman who experienced love and friendship in a highly confusing and contradictory way. Who, for years, was thrilled to be active in the Nazi youth organisation for girls. Who had high ideals and only slowly realized that National Socialism was betraying her brutally. In 1942 Sophie wrote: “Was I daydreaming until now? Perhaps sometimes. But I believe I have woken up.” Based on as-yet-unpublished source material, Robert M. Zoske shows us Sophie Scholl in a new light.

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