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Photo: Jörg Metze

Premiere der 105. Ausgabe der Literatur- und Kunstzeitschrift

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It's almost become a tradition for this literature and arts magazine to be presented in the Roter Salon at the Berliner Volksbühne once a year in November. The 105th edition showcases, as always, prominent poets from Germany and around the world. HERZATTACKE has published multiple editions per year for the last 32 years. Founded by Maximilian Barck in 1988, it has united original works from the visual arts and literature, in cooperation with the independent artist group of the same name, ever since its earliest editions.

With: Eberhard Häfner, Anna Hoffmann, Markus Metke, Ina Strelow, B.K. Tragelehn, Heike Willingham


Foto: Jörg Metze

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