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Photo: Joachim Koltzer

Auszüge aus Goethes "Wilhelm Meisters Lehrjahre"
mit Silvia Rieger


“Every dream which I have ever indulged respecting man and his destiny, every idea I have ever entertained upon such subjects within my own secret soul, I find unfolded and complete in the compositions of Shakspeare. It appears as if he had unravelled to us the mystery of all our enigmas, even though we cannot explain wherein lies the actual word of solution. His men seem to be human beings, and yet they are not so. These wonderful and complicated creations of nature act like watches that are enclosed in crystal dial plates and cases, which whilst they indicate the course of the hours, display the machinery and wheels by which they are set in motion. The few glances which I have cast into the world of Shakspeare impel me irresistibly to march forward with hasty strides into the world of active life, to mingle in the flood of destiny which courses through it, and finally, to fill a few goblets from the deep tide of true nature, and distribute them from the stage to the thirsty inhabitants of my native land." Goethe’s Wilhelm Meister on Shakespeare, translated by R. Boylan.

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