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Photo: Sonja Stadelmaier

Tara Nome Doyle


As the concert on 06.03. in the Roter Salon is already sold out, we offer an additional concert on 07.06. on the big stage.

Support 07.06.: 1k Flowers

Tara Nome Doyle has performed with Kat Frankie, worked with Max Rieger (Die Nerven) and sung on the soundtrack for Golden Twenties. Her first EP, Dandelion, has been streamed over a million times since the autumn of 2018. And now she's releasing her debut LP: Alchemy.

Her technique reveals itself through her compositions, as she plays with her voice, strewing syllables around in unusual rhythms and unique phrasings. In Mercury and Neon Woods, the phrase “nocturnal needs” hobbles in slow quarter-note triplets, as if it was a suspended memory of urban routines. The drums sound more like a knocking on a windowpane than the sounds of a big city outside. But what Alchemy does is far from pussyfooting around. And when a piece celebrates a loss of control, as in Transmutation, Tara Nome Doyle reaches for the limits of her voice, while the damped snare drum rolls in like a thunderstorm.

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