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Kabeljau & Talk
Guest: Bettina Wilpert
Roter Salon

In German

Presenters: Lara Sielmann and Victor Kümel

For one evening only, author Bettina Wilpert provides an exclusive sneak peek of her new novel manuscript Herumtreiberinnen (roughly: Lady Tramps, working title) and chats with experts that deal with her novel’s themes in real life.

Leipzig 1983: Maxie and Christa are best friends that skip school together, then Christa meets her first love, a contractor named Manuel. In the end both friends are admitted one after the other to a closed venerological ward where women who are suspected to have STIs are interned for up to three months. Wilpert’s novel describes daily life at the ward, between forced gynecological examinations, group dynamics, horrifying methods of punishment and attempts to escape. Herumtreiberinnen illuminates a little-known chapter of GDR history, posing the question of who the undesirables in society are, and at what time.

Inspired by US late-night shows, Kabeljau & Talk is a format that combines the pace, humour and playful nature of these shows and transfers them onto a literary event. At the heart of the evening is an author's current manuscript, which is then discussed on stage with two experts. As experts of daily life, they come from the worlds of the novels. They work in nightclubs, refugee centres or the UN and therefore approach the texts with fundamentally different questions. This meeting of minds in conversations, book readings and literary game-show-formats, allows for a surprising change of perspective on the novels of tomorrow.


Photo: Sabrina Richmann

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