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Geschichten von der allgemeinen Undurchschaubarkeit
Roter Salon

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STOP! GO BACK! DO IT ALL AGAIN FROM THE BEGINNING! One tiny decision - and you've already lost. Everyone knows these moments when you maneouver yourself off the playing field just through sheer persistence.

The stories in Geschichten von der allgemeinen Undurchschaubarkeit (Stories of General Opacity) focus on funny failure. People have gotten themselves stuck, can’t find a way out and keep on following their plans. Are they on the right track or just plain lost?

The authors of these stories - Kathrin Passig, Kai Weyand and Philipp Weiss - all took part in the renowned Bachmann competition in Klagenfurt. They tell of people who are lost (and confused), who’ve gotten turned around and lack perspective, who suffer from the impenetrability of their situation. An ingenious mixture of profound moments and humour reveals the protagonists’ mental chaos.

Götz Schubert - one of Germany’s most distinguished actors - slips into each role in turn, bringing these characters to life with his versatile voice and acclaimed acting skills. Manuel Munzlinger, who was responsible for the concept and text selection, also creates the perfect soundtrack for this work. With oboe, keyboard and computer, he opens up new musical spaces and weaves a thrilling tapestry of sound.

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