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Photo: Hans Scherhaufer

Christian Baron:
Ein Mann seiner Klasse
Roter Salon

In German

Book premiere 17.02.

Presented by: Maria Barankow

"Even though my father sometimes drank away the last of our money in some dive, even though he beat my mother until she bled multiple times: I always wanted him to stay. Just differently."

Kaiserslautern in the nineties: Christian Baron tells the story of his childhood, his physically abusive father, his depressed mother. He describes what it means to grow up poor in this rich country. What it feels like to experience male violence as a little boy. What it means to become a refugee fleeing the working class as an adolescent. What’s left out of all those memories. And how he managed to find his own path.

Through extensive narrative power and intensity, Baron portrays people who have few prospects and find themselves on the losing end of social imbalance. The reality of their lives is rarely heard in politics, media and literature. Ein Mann seiner Klasse explains nothing and yet it still reveals so much of the dire straits our society finds itself in. Baron’s text is shocking, rewarding and essential.

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