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Dokumentarfilm von Peter Wawerzinek und Steffen Sebastian
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Film and concerts by Bob Rutman, Herbst in Peking & Wawerzinek (Rabenlieder)

Rostock 1957. The parents of writer Peter Wawerzinek and his sister Beate escape to West Germany, leaving both their children behind. When they arrive in the West, they declare that both children are dead.

Peter is sent to two orphanages before he’s adopted at the age of 11. His sister is classified as developmentally disabled and shut away in a psychiatric institution.

15 years go by before brother and sister are reunited. A delayed search for a mother, a childhood begins.

Using his novel Rabenliebe as a foundation, author Peter Wawerzinek and Steffen Sebastian shot this film over a period of 8 years.

Lievalleen, in other words “all alone”, uses powerful images, highly unusual cinematic inspirations, poetry and remarkable force to tell a story about the search for a lost sister, for family, for a feeling of security, for home. This film also addresses motherlessness, orphanages, psychiatric institutions in the GDR – and guardian angels or the lack thereof. It’s not often that this melody of longing, forsakenness and loneliness is developed in such a grand fashion.

91 min / HD 16:9 / D 2019
Premiere: documentary film competition at FILMKUNSTFEST Schwerin 2019
Director & producer: Peter Wawerzinek & Steffen Sebastian


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