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Photo: Timothy Wiehn

Kat Frankie: B O D I E S


Voices come from bodies. – With 7 brilliant singers, and no instruments at all, Kat Frankie is presenting an a-cappella show about the meaning of physicality. The pan-genre concert offers new arrangements of older songs as well as material composed especially for B O D I E S. With gospel, R&B, medieval ballads and pop, Kat Frankie explores independence in a physical sense, as well as outer space in which heavenly bodies are autonomous and yet still remain in orbits that have been created by the same forces. Kat Frankie was awarded with the 2018 VUT award for best act and the 2018 Preis für Popkultur for favorite female artist.

Presented by Missy Magazine, Galore, DIFFUS, and Bedroomdisco.

07.12.20, 19:00

07.12.20, 21:30

08.12.20, 19:00

08.12.20, 21:30

09.12.20, 19:00

09.12.20, 21:30

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