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Mutter – 30 Jahre Wiedervereinigung
Du bist nicht mein Bruder
Roter Salon


During the spring of last year, the band Mutter began re-releasing their first six albums, which have been out of print for a while. Since they’re releasing one every six months, in March 2020 it'll be time for their 1993 album, Du bist nicht mein Bruder, and they're playing in the Roter Salon to celebrate the occasion.

The taz newspaper published the following commentary in 1993: “On their third LP (Mutter) take up the shifting customs of reunited Germany and capture what's going on in wall-less heads. During the finale, a choir raises its voice in a joyous New Year's Eve way, delivering its commentary from a hotel in St. Petersburg: ‘You are not my brother, you are not my sister.’ Without any melodic distraction, the bass circles over the voices and only breaks through occasionally with excessive feedback or deep-set distortion, while the guitar and the drums keep up the Glenn-Branca-like flow of volume. You almost have the feeling that a blues band is hiding out under the noise level. Otherwise it's a banger.”

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