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Let's talk about Money
The Socialist and the Multimillionaire: Katja Kipping in conversation with Josef Rick about tax justice
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Germany is a rich country. But something has slipped. Unrest is spreading, anger and bitterness are appearing, as well as despondency and despair. More and more people are asking: Where do we go from here and what will the future bring? Only a few still believe that their children will eventually have better lives than they do. Many are looking ahead to their old age with trepidation. Their work isn't paid well, their pension will be puny, their home too small and too expensive. The only thing that's certain is that nothing will stay the way it is. At the same time, there's enough of what Marx called “the chemical power of society”: money.

The richest 10% of Germans own more than half of the population's entire wealth – 56 percent to be precise. 15 percent of the population have no wealth at all and six percent only have debts. It's as if there's two parallel societies: one for the wealthy, who don't like to show their riches, and another with those who hide their poverty in shame. How can that be changed? What is a multi-millionaire prepared to give and how much will a socialist take?

We know that human dignity consists of existing as an independent being that's not subjected to external calculations. Who needs to pay for that, and if so, how much?

Katja Kipping has been chairperson of the political party DIE LINKE since 2011.

Josef Rick is a real estate entrepreneur and multi-millionaire.

Host: Pepe Egger

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