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Streitfall Identität
Wolfgang Engler in conversation with Jagoda Marinić


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Questions of identity are the subject of heated debate in both the USA and Europe at the moment. On the one hand, we're talking about a loss of identity in a globalised society, and on the other, it's hyperindividualism that's threatening the experience provided by common social spaces.

This debate was brought to the larger political stage through the American election cycle and the election of Donald Trump as US president. In view of Brexit, and the growing authoritarian right-wing in Europe as well, the question of identity politics' level of influence on left-wing political discourse is being discussed vehemently. But can the struggles for emancipation from the women's movement, LGBTIQ activists or Black Lives Matter be played off against the fight for social justice?

Under the cipher “identity”, we're aiming to conduct a fundamental debate about what divides societies and what holds them together: Are questions about belonging, Heimat (homeland) and culture, or social and distributive questions more important?

In the new “Streitfall Identität” series, sociologist and journalist Wolfgang Engler discusses these questions with his guests. For the series launch his guest is author and journalist Jagoda Marinić, who takes an active and sophisticated approach to her involvement in the current discourse with her books Sheroes. Neue Held*innen braucht das Land and Made in Germany, among others.

Sociologist Wolfgang Engler, born 1952 in Dresden, has published numerous studies about ways of life in East and West Germany, as well as critical analyses about the modern era, democracy and the transformation of the political and the public sphere, such as Lüge als Prinzip. Aufrichtigkeit im Kapitalismus, Bürger, ohne Arbeit. Für eine radikale Neugestaltung der Gesellschaft and most recently, Wer wir sind. Die Erfahrung, ostdeutsch zu sein, together with Jana Hensel. Wolfgang Engler was rector of the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Arts from 2005 to 2017.

Jagoda Marinić, born 1977, is a writer and journalist who works in cultural management as well. She is a regular columnist for the Süddeutsche Zeitung and taz newspapers and also writes for The New York Times. She already received a nomination for the Bachmann Prize with her first novel Die Namenlose. Her latest work is a collection of essays titled Sheroes. Neue Held*innen braucht das Land. After stays in Zagreb, Split, New York and Berlin, Jagoda Marinić is now based in Heidelberg where she directs the intercultural centre.

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