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Photo: Noam Rosenthal

Jolly Goods
record release
Support: Brabrabra
Roter Salon


Jolly Goods are a well-established sisters dream team. On their new album Slowlife, they create an opulent, expansive cosmos of sound created from band and orchestral music. Tanno Pippi and Angy Lord twist the curse out of power structures, traumata, pressure to perform and seemingly endless anger, in order to savour the slow life.

Now more than ever, these multi-instrumentalists are able to expand their music, which is influenced by post-punk, riot grrrl and grunge, into their own cosmos of sound. Sometimes Slowlife is reminiscent of the Cocteau Twins' shoe-gazing or the Eurythmics, sometimes tuba and piano play around a surf guitar, or influences from PJ Harvey or Kate Bush shine through.

After their first two albums Her.barium (2007) and Walrus (2011), and numerous concerts and festival shows at home and abroad – as well as collaborations with artists such as Peaches, Dirk von Lowtzow and Hans Unstern – Slowlife is the third album from Jolly Goods.

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