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Foto: Danielle de Picciotto

The Blood of a Poet II
With: Josefine Berkholz, Mac Folkes, Lady Gaby, Trovania, Danielle de Picciotto, Raspe Thorne and Alexander Hacke aka DJ Ragou
Roter Salon

Concert, Literature
English and German

Since Danielle de Picciotto’s first poetry salon was completely sold out in October, we're inviting you to a second edition of The Blood of a Poet right at the beginning of the new year.

Poetry and spoken word are currently experiencing a renaissance: In no time at all, salons have emerged in London, New York, Berlin and Paris, in which poetry and literature blend with visuals and music. In a manner similar to the Beat Generation of the 1960s, a countercultural scene is developing today in which the spoken word is at the centre of art. In light of “fake news” and distortions of history, there's a growing need for veracity, truth, and the open declaration of questions and answers. Spoken word challenges, pulls you into it, is cheeky and colourful, serious and entertaining – the days of dry recitations of alternate rhymes are over.

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