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Filmkonzert: Der Atem
by Uli M Schueppel | screening and live performance with Christina Vantzou & the Echo Collective
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Film, Concert
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Alongside Der Atem (The Breath)'s original soundtrack, American composer Christina Vantzou and the renowned Belgian ensemble Echo Collective are re-arranging and interpreting it live as a modern symphony of the metropolis.

With the documentary Der Atem, which celebrated its premiere at the 2019 Berlinale in the Panorama programme, director Uli M Schueppel completed his Berlin-Chants trilogy, which tells of space, time and the body in Berlin over 20 years between 1998 and 2019. Der Atem gathers together existential experiences from Berlin nights. The film moves from breath to breath, accompanying people through the darkness of the city. Short episodes and stanzas emerge, telling stories of stagnation and moments of holding one's breath – out of pain, fear or happiness.

The compositions by Christina Vantzou are dense, emphatically engaging and accompany the original score for the film. She's previously collaborated with the music collective Echo Collective multiple times, in both the recording studio as well as international concert halls. The Echo Collective has already distanced itself from the classical establishment with its collaborations with Johan Johansson and Dustin O’Halloran, among others, in order to innovate with their orchestral music in contemporary genres.


© Schueppel Films

© Schueppel Films

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