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Hardcore Propaganda
by Els Malnascuts | Guest Performance Sala Beckett Barcelona | Youth Theatre
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Catalan with German surtitles

You're doing better than me. It's always been that way. I'm lonelier, more vulnerable. I've never told you that. But I'm doing worse. What is the purpose of this community? Our desire for intoxication. Where are all these parties taking us? They organise us and give us power. We mustn't miss then, because that's where it's really happening. But it's always been like that. Whatever it is, it's a motor. A gigantic motor … the motor that begins to whirr five days after the sound of spring. But you mean nothing to the ecstasy, me neither, by the way. And where are these parties taking us?

With: Ikram Bouloum, Roman Daniel, Joan Esteve, Mariona Ibáñez, Ventura López, Adrià Serarols, Sara Vidal

Text: Xavier Gamito, Núria Ramis, Gerard Vidal Barrena
Director: Xavier Gamito, Alba Sáez
Stage design: Paula Català, Citlali Hernández Sánchez
Costume: Noela Covelo Velasco, Sara V. Mallo
Music: Ikram Bouloum, Adrià Serarols
Video: Ventura López, Zak Ramis, Carlos Robico
Photography: Désirée Gómez
Dramaturgy: Ikram Bouloum, Sílvia Galí
Assistants: Sílvia Galí, Sol Iñigo
Coordination: Louise Good, Blai Juanet, Anna Serrano
Translation and coordination exchange: Max Grosse Majench
Operator subtitles: Djuna Lund

Special thanks to the institute Ramon Llull and to Dietrich Grosse.


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