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Photo: Julia Tham 

FIL: Die Expertise war bedeutend höher
main stage


FIL again. Anyone who still doesn't know about him should change that immediately. FIL. In the business for many, many years and every year a completely new show. He's the only one who manages that. In a world that's gone off the rails, he's the reliable rock. The reliable rock in an ugly smock. Gobbling up a horrific ham hock.

In Die Expertise war bedeutend höher he answers the big questions of our planet that's spun off its axis and in which evil has long since won. With cheeky warmth, he holds us up a mirror to us, tenderly introducing the time-honoured art of laughter. FIL explains why there's not only green but also red electric scooters, and how it's possible that we're still not happy. He's the very first German comedian to attempt to patch up the split in society by stretching out a hand to AFD voters with the song Nazischweine, lasst mich nicht alleine (Nazi pigs, don't leave me alone). He slaves away at all the topics and focal points of the past week so that afterwards you'll admit, insightfully and with your horizon broadened in a disruptive way: “That was really good”.

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