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Collage: cyan

Choreography by Emanuel Gat | Production of Staatsballett Berlin


Emanuel Gat has been counted among the leading star choreographers for several years now and initially presented his work Sunny at the 2016 Venice Dance Biennale. The France-based Israeli choreographer often approaches his works through music, in this case in collaboration with Awir Leon. Leon, an Israeli musician and producer in the techno scene, has created – between new noises and familiar sounds, between challenging experiment and pure pleasure – the space to explore new areas of motion perception, for both spectators and performers in equal measure. Gat has often toured with his company Emanuel Gat Dance to Berlin, where he was praised by both the audience and the critics. Now he's premiering a choreographic work with the Staatsballett Berlin at the Volksbühne Berlin for the first time, but not before undertaking, with the ensemble, an intensive re-working of this pulsing experiment on structure and emotion.

A Staatsballett Berlin production in cooperation with the Volksbühne Berlin.

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Choreography: Emanuel Gat
Musiy: Awir Leon
Costumes: Thomas Bradley
Lighting: Emanuel Gat

17.12.19, 20:00
* premiere
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18.12.19, 20:00
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19.12.19, 20:00
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03.01.20, 20:00
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04.01.20, 20:00
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05.01.20, 20:00
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