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Best of POETRY SLAM 2019
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With: Josefine Berkholz, Kaleb Erdmann, Phillipp Herold, Luise Kommaklar, Marius Petrenz, Florian Wintels; Hosts: Julian Heun, Wolf Hogekamp¸ Featured: Jason Bartsch

This year the highlight of the slam poetry scene is, once again, coming to the Volksbühne. These poets are taking to our stage to show why they belong to the scene's most-beloved acts of the past year.

Philipp Herold is one of the most insightful poets in the scene and, incidentally, released the best book of the year. Florian Wintels is pure intelligence and so are his texts. One of the greatest spoken-word talents of recent years is, without a doubt, Jason Bartsch, while Luise Kommaklar is absolutely this year's high achiever. Marius Petrenz was in the finals of the Berlin U-20 championships and his texts are enormously captivating. Josefine Berkholz has been enchanting poetry slams around the country for many years now and so of course she has to be part of the year-end show.

Germany's slam stars and Berliner newcomers pass off the mic and give all that their words have got. Always immediate and tangible. Schnapps and honour and the audience’s adoration are on the line. The perfect start to a new, incredible year 2020.

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