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Photo: Samuel Kirszenbaum

Passagen Gespräch: Chantal Mouffe
With Peter Engelmann
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Are we currently undergoing a crisis in democracy? When populist parties undermine democratic institutions from the inside and use democratic means to construct authoritarian structures, this diagnosis would seem to be apt. Belgian political scientist Chantal Mouffe, however, sees an opportunity in the current situation as well: After a long phase of a lack of alternatives in politics, the hegemony of neo-liberal politics is crumbling. An emancipatory politics that understands how to mobilise people's emotions could contribute to radicalising democracy today.

With this, Mouffe connects to influential theories that she developed together with Ernesto Laclau back in the 1980s. Instead of condemning populism as such, she makes the case for a left-wing populism that's oriented toward equality and social justice. Mouffe and publisher Peter Engelmann discuss the opportunities and dangers in populism, as well as the question of what a radical democratic politics could look like today.

06.12.19, 20:00
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