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Photo: Mark Hunt aka player Jack

Omsk Social Club and Guest: A Conversation about Real Game Play


We all live inside systems, within systems within systems to an infinite untraceable degree. These systems can work for or against us, we can see them and we can not. But what happens when we start imagineering new systems, building cultural nodes and directing a history without a past. What happens when multiple people agree to participate in this environment, how many minds have to perform a hallucination for it to become a reality?

The symptoms of slippage and flux are stronger than ever in our digital world of information technology and post-entertainment yet how do we co-opt them rather than been coded by them? Can spiritual, ritual and magical processes combined with innovative technological advancement have the answers in a world of meme magic, technopaganism and the ethereal economies? The evening will address some of these ideas in relation to the speaker’s personal practices and the latest work commissioned by the Technobodies series “S.M.I2.L.E - A trip into Synesthesia” by Omsk Social Club.

Screening of the documentation of Technobodies: S.M.I2.L.E - A trip into Synesthesia by Omsk Social Club

Short impulse from Federico Campagna // about the intertwining of Technic and Magic via Skype

Panel with Omsk Social Club, Calum Bowden (Trust), Joanna Pope (independent researcher), and Martina Leeker (guest professor UdK Berlin).

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