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Photo: Takehito Goto

Jan Jelinek & ASUNA
Support: Nguyen & Transitory
Roter Salon


For Signals Bulletin, his new album released earlier this year, Jan Jelinek entered into a highly unusual collaboration with Japanese sound artist ASUNA. Signals Bulletin combines collaborative improvisations with compositions that were created in Berlin, Kyoto and Kanazawa over a period of three years. ASUNA's meandering organ drones melt with Jelinek's pulsing synthesizer and field-recording loops into thick super clusters, moving harmoniously over a wide-ranging arc of tension.

“Whether it's with a prepared organ, Casio keyboards or plastic mechanical toys: ASUNA creates rich textures of sound that remain almost completely unchanged over a long period of time. It's a music without breaks. It was only with quite a bit of hesitation that my loops, created with modular synthesizers and live samplers, could find a place in it – until I realised what role I needed to play in this duet: I prepared the rhythmic, pulsing foundation on which the thick continuities from my Japanese duet partner could unfold,” said Jan Jelinek.

07.12.19, 20:00
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