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Photo: Donata Wenders

Roter Salon


“… The history of the band Infamis is long, the present is thin. Their performances are rare, their last album is from 2013, after that a few singles, vinyl only. That's got style. They were made into nobility by Wim Wenders, who recorded their album Im Westen der Himmel on his label, making the cinematic dimensions of their music even clearer. In Spaghetti-Western style, these urban cowboys drift along their paths through Brandenburg, through moors and the wetlands-bordering meadows, unfurling secretive depths where others only see surfaces. We encounter the survivors of a East-German-influenced poetry of outrage that admonishes with force and relentlessness where others have already given up. That might seem to be somewhat behind the times, but it's reminiscent of the universal character of rock, whose powerful voices are never forgotten.” Christine Heise

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