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TransInterQueerer Salon:
Zazie de Paris

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The name Zazie de Paris is associated with half a century of life on the stage. She has played herself in many roles and thus personified trans* visibility in our society with confidence and great verve. Zazie de Paris talks to Nora Eckert at the Grüner Salon about the experiences and stories from her literally embodied life on the stage.

Zazie de Paris was born in Paris and has lived in Berlin since 1974. She trained in ballet at the Paris Opera, appeared in numerous film and theater productions, and has a long-standing collaboration with the director Peter Zadek. For many years her repertoire has also included chansons. She has featured in the crime series Tatort since 2013. She is actively involved in and dedicated to the queer community, for which she has received several awards.

Born in Nuremberg in 1954, Nora Eckert has lived in Berlin since 1973 and is a journalist and trans* activist. She has worked as a journalist for various publications including Theater der Zeit, taz, and Tagesspiegel and has published books on topics relating to theatrical history—most recently Wer und was ist Hamlet? (Who and what is Hamlet?). She has been an active member of TransInterQueer e.V. since the beginning of 2019.

The TransInterQueer Salon explores trans* and other queer lifestyles in Berlin. Exchanging ideas with guests from the Berlin community creates new spaces and allows insights into lived diversity. A different person is invited to the Grüner Salon every evening who represents the visibility of trans* and queer people in our society in a unique way and is active in various professional fields. Together we discuss life experiences, desires, and the work that still needs to be done in order that TransInterQueer people are finally no longer perceived as “the other" but rather as the enrichment of society that they are.

The TransInterQueer Salon is a collaboration between TrIQ TransInterQueer e.V. and the Volksbühne Berlin. The series seeks to be more than just chats on the sunny side of the street: an expression of gender politics and a plea for social openness. Diverse lifestyles are by no means marginal—where minorities are readily placed or presumed to be—but instead exist in the midst of society. Normality means that every person is their own individual case. Long live diversity!

As a social center and nonprofit association, TrIQ TransInterQueer e.V. has been active in politics, culture and research in Berlin since 2006 and is also committed to trans*, inter*, and queer people in Berlin and beyond. It offers psychosocial and legal advice as well as training and education, a transgender radio program, spaces for further group offerings, and a library.

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