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Photo: Joerg Waehner

Grenzgänger hüben wie drüben
Sonderauflage der Literatur- und Kunstzeitschrift HERZATTACKE:
Lyrik und Prosa zum Fall der Berliner Mauer
Roter Salon

In German

Book premiere

Under the title “Grenzgänger hüben wie drüben” (Border Crossers Here and Over There) authors from East and West Germany describe the personal experiences that shaped their lives before and after the fall of the Berlin Wall. These texts focus less on the event itself, on the process that finally led to the GDR's collapse, or on winner or loser mentalities, and more on a literature that grew out of many contexts, and was already boundary-breaking at its core even before the wall fell. The HERZATTACKE artist group was founded by Berlin poet Maximilian Barck in 1988. With this special edition, the arts and literary magazine of the same name is already presenting its 103rd issue.

Readings from B.K. Tragelehn, Gert Neumann, Maya Kuperman, Joerg Waehner, Heike Willingham, Ron Winkler, Markus Metke, Ralf Meyer, Holger Teschke and Torsten Schlüter.

Musical accompaniment from guitarist Holger Scotti Gottwald.


Photo: Jörg Metze

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