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Eine Stadt. Ein Land. Viele Meinungen
30 Jahre Mauerfall
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Together with the Federal Agency for Civic Education, as well as the Berliner Zeitung and Tagesspiegel newspapers, a range of Germans discuss ten topics over ten weeks and celebrate 30 years of pluralism and freedom of opinion. To wrap up the debates, notable guests will gather at the Volksbühne on 7 November 2019 to discuss the 30thanniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

This evening we’re focusing on Germany, and Berlin in particular – a city as a stage for cultural, political, societal and religious diversity, as a hub of (sub)cultures, languages, life styles, opinions and world views, and last but not least, as a sounding board for new ideas and narratives, conflicts and controversies that have shaped this city over the past 30 years.

Together with well-known guests, we talk about the traces left by the division that can still be found in the city today, about re-invention and Berlin's transformation from the divided to the capital city, and about its future. In this we want to overcome the borders between classes, generations, cultures and religions, and open up a space for explanations, interpretations and perspectives.

Celebrate together with Anna and Nellie Thalbach, Jochen Sandig and Sasha Waltz, Klaus Wowereit, Idil Baydar, Jutta Allmendinger, Harald Welzer, Katja Lange-Müller, Marion Brasch, Max Czollek, Jackie Thomae, Yasemin Şamdereli, Carla Reemtsma and Sophia Salzberger, Lars Vogel and Sven Marquardt.

Guiding you through the evening with a kind of late-night show, musician and cabaret artist Martin Zingsheim and DOTA provide poetic food for thought with socio-critical songs, voices and ideas.

21:30, foyers: Reception, concert and DJ sessions
Following the main programme, we invite you to celebrate pluralism and the fall of the wall with us at the Flying Buffet. The multinational and multilingual band RotFront give a quick concert in the foyer, and DJ and musician Yuriy Gurzhy, as well as Techno Türken, provide Oriental, Jewish and Eastern European beats.

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