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Photo: Kathleen Michael

no time to sleep
Poetry Performance mit RAN
Roter Salon

Literature, Performance
In German

The new stage show from RAN unites expressive poetry and prose with a brilliant, inimitable performance style that doesn't allow for any comfort zones.

In order to not be horrified by their own reflection, a true artist must be able to sting, sting in the sense of an uncompromising, sharp tongue, through the radiance and intensity of their gaze, through an incorruptible conduct toward all forms of stagnating ideologies.

RAN's heart beats far to the left, a clear answer to the growing, international threat from nationalist, racist trends.

He stands for the future of the art of poetry through the rejection of its present.

RAN, Rainer Anton Niedermeier, has been living in Berlin for the past 21 years, his latest LP was released under the title Insiders of Insanity.


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