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Photo: Jutta Pohlmann 

Dirk von Lowtzow: Aus dem Dachsbau

Literature, Concert

“I will tell you everything, and everything is true”. With Aus dem Dachsbau, (From the Badger's Burrow), Dirk von Lowtzow, singer and songwriter of the band Tocotronic, published a poetic, odd and humorous encyclopedia at the beginning of the year: from “Abba” to “Mohammed”, from “Badger” to “Operetta-bear”, from “Hysteria” to “Rites”, from “Ecstasy” to “Idiot-test”. He tells of childhood and youth, of upheaval and fear, of the death of his best childhood friend, of wistful drifting and his socialisation through pop music, comics and films. We find out where he wanders when the music dies out, the festival green is already wet with dew and there's no tour bus in sight.

And of course von Lowtzow has brought his acoustic guitar along to interweave the reading with Tocotronic songs from its 25-year-long history.


Photo: Roland  Owsnitzki

Photo: Roland  Owsnitzki

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