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Grillade Grande 666
by Esther Roth and Luise Thiele
P14 Jugendtheater
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In a sweet evil summer camp/At a Grillade/Grillade Grande/Gesualdo and consorts/ Are waiting /Cause they ordered more x/And they're playing poker(mon)/Tornado SIX SIX SIX/And after the tornado grande/There won't be a mañana /At the Grillade Grande/But don't shadow my illusions/And like a prayer/A monument's been erected for the/Retreat outwards/

With: Charlotte Brandhorst, Ben Engelgeer, Josefin Fischer, Jonas Heinrich, Milan Herms, Luis Huayna, Lioba Kippe, Lucia Kolodziej, Leander Lorenzen, Natascha Merckens, Kaya Müntz, Mustafa Eren Özdilberler, Luzie Scheuritzel, Carla Schüddekopf

Directors: Esther Roth, Luise Thiele
Technical director: Mario Carstensen
P14 director: Vanessa Unzalu Troya

28.11.19, 19:00
* premiere
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29.11.19, 19:00
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30.11.19, 19:00
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