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Grillade Grande 666
by Esther Roth and Luise Thiele
P14 Jugendtheater


In a sweet evil summer camp/At a Grillade/Grillade Grande/Gesualdo and consorts/ Are waiting /Cause they ordered more x/And they're playing poker(mon)/Tornado SIX SIX SIX/And after the tornado grande/There won't be a mañana /At the Grillade Grande/But don't shadow my illusions/And like a prayer/A monument's been erected for the/Retreat outwards/

With: Hannes Berwing, Charlotte Brandhorst, Ben Engelgeer, Josefin Fischer, Milan Herms, Luis Huayna, Lioba Kippe, Marlene Kommallein, Lucia Kolodziej, Leander Lorenzen, Natascha Merckens, Adam Muhabbek, Kaya Müntz, Mustafa Eren Özdilberler, Luzie Scheuritzel, Carla Schüddekopf

Text & Directors: Esther Roth, Luise Thiele
Stage design: Sabina Fimbres Sabugal
Costumes and Mask: Marie Luise Schumacher
Live-Camera: Nimo Wöginger
Video and Video editing: Nimo Wöginger
Assistant: Colette Schäfer
Technical director: Mario Carstensen
P14 director: Vanessa Unzalu Troya


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