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Photo: Sarah Bosetti

Die größte Lesebühne der Welt
Abschlussgala zum Jubiläumsjahr „30 Jahre Berliner Lesebühnen“
main stage

In German

With: Paul Bokowski, Horst Evers, Uli Hannemann, Hinark Husen, Karsten Lampe, Sebastian Lehmann, Manfred Maurenbrecher, Jacinta Nandi, Milena Reinecke, Robert Rescue, Sarah Schmidt, Lea Streisand, Volker Strübing

Hosted by: Andreas Scheffler, Volker Surmann

Berlin is the city of Lesebühnen (roughly: stages for readings). This is where the format was invented and popularised. This is where notable authors were spawned, this is where there's still a dozen or so ensembles that regularly present their new texts. The charm of the Lesebühnen hasn't faded. That which began in 1989 with the founding of the legendary Höhnenden Wochenschau, around the recently-deceased Wiglaf Droste, has brought forth countless imitators over the decades. Lesebühnen have decisively shaped the capital's literary scene and become integral parts of Berlin's cultural programme.

Under the title Mit euch möchten wir alt werden (We'd like to grow old with you, Micha Ebeling's traditional farewell to the audience at the »LSD - Liebe statt Drogen« Lesebühne), a comprehensive anthology for the 30th anniversary year was published by Satyr Verlag.

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