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MC 04 - Workflow and Sound Design for Film in Ableton Live

Film, Seminar

Ableton has had a profound impact on the way electronic music is made since the company’s founding in Berlin in 1999 by a Goth-punk and his preppy-looking partner. Ableton’s software made it possible for professional musicians and average folks alike to turn their computers into musical instruments. Simple, intuitive, like nothing before it, the program allowed samples and tracks to be manipulated live and arranged into elaborate collages. Florian Tippe will give attendees a look at the current version of the software and its different potential applications, in a talk focusing on working with video and developing efficient workflows with the Ableton Push hardware controller.

Presenter: Florian Tippe, Germany, sound designer and composer for film and theater. Tippe also gives live performances with video and sound installations, as well as being a certified trainer for Ableton software and hardware.

09.11.19, 17:00
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