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interfilm 35
eject_XXII - The long night of weird shorts


A cocktail’s made of three ingredients. An Eject evening consists of a minimum of 20 balloons, to which we throw in a load of clap banner clutter as decorative touch and democratic tool. Then, compression stockings hitched up elegantly over our thighs, we hurtle towards the hieroglyphs of madness in a mix that would make any YouTube playlist look like molding fruit languishing in the cold light of the setting winter sun. Eject is no mere program, Eject is everything you no longer dare to imagine. A visual grain-alcohol-filled candy, sugary sweet retinal caramel, glazed cinema pastry. A seated carnival at the Volksbühne.

Past Activities

interfilm 35 SPA 01 - Tesoros Españoles

Big stories can emerge from the simplest of ideas. Broken hearts and helplessness collide with tradition and tumult. In this little tour through the country’s best and most beloved short films of recent years, Spain appears in a new light and stories of the past prove their universal appeal. Here, heroes old and new take the stage, blending the back-then and the here-and-now into a colorful Spanish patchwork of small-scale struggle and epic romance.

interfilm 35 SPA 03 - Mundos Animados

Sometimes it is not possible to explore the painful past and shine a new light on the forgotten until one has first renounced naturalism. At the same time, stories of the present continue to be written that could never satisfy in reality. To this effect, animation pulls out all the stops in an effort to ensure that history can be reinvented and stories may unfold freely. This fresh perspective lends reality a new look and breathes life into spaces that were once empty.

interfilm 35 SP 06 - Sci-Fi Shorts - Me, Myself and the Robot

Whether clockwork or steam engine comparisons, people like to see themselves as automatons. Thank you, Descartes! The longing for a more rational, more efficient image of himself drove homo sapiens ever further. But only with the development of the computer human egocentrism becomes threatened seriously, and it seems that reality is always one step ahead of science fiction. An equal being suddenly demands discourse instead of delegation. Change becomes necessary.

interfilm 35 SP 13 - Girls Riot! TeenScreen guest program + film talk

How do teenage girls* wish to be represented in film? What topics do they find important, and why? Curated by a group of 15-17-year-old girls* during a KUKI Festival workshop in the summer holidays, these films are fresh, provocative, moving, fun and endlessly empowering! Thanks so much to this year’s Girls* Riot team: Alma Schlosser, Lisa von Kiedrowski, Siri Grenzebach, Victoria Deeniv, Friederike Cuno, Maite Diehl, Marie Svarovsky & Rosa Lynch

interfilm 35 SP 10 - Music Videos - Longing in Loops

Diametrically opposed visions of unspoiled nature, human-made structures, and abstract spheres that could only exist in digital hybrid worlds collide with one another in music videos. The music doesn’t only render human bodies and their movements rhythmic – it also subjugates uncontrollable nature to its pulse. Everything bends to tonal moods and becomes fused, until the individual entities can no longer be disentangled.

interfilm 35 Festival Lounge

Dropping by the festival lounge for a coffee between programmes is always worth it, because it's perfect for meeting filmmakers, chatting, or just relaxing and preparing yourselves for the films that are coming up.

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