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MC 01 - Sensitive 3D - How to open your 3D Eye - Mauro

Film, Seminar

In the scope of this master class, Italian director Mauro Carraro will provide insight into the potential uses of 3D visualization for film animation. Carraro’s primary focus is on achieving the most realistic and delicate application of three-dimensional techniques possible. Using his own multi-award-winning short films “Hasta Santiago”, “Approved for Adoption”, and “Aubade” for illustration purposes, including a look at original sketchbooks, photos, and graphic work, Carraro opens a door to totally new worlds, in which traditional drawing techniques are fused with innovative 3D methods.

Presenter: Mauro Carraro, Italy, director; Carraro’s film “Hasta Santiago” has won awards around the world. In addition, he has also served as a jury member at numerous film festivals.

08.11.19, 17:00
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