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interfilm 35
EV03 - FULLY MOON – on the 50th anniversary of the moon landing


The moon. A place full of myths and longing. We’ve examined it, serenaded and howled to it, and yet it remains a great enigma. Meisterstein & Kleine venture out on an intergalactic short film journey fraught with haunting encounters of the third and fourth kinds. From the portal of their moon orbiter, they observe a fascinating short film cosmos and present vibrant parallel worlds of animated, cartoon, and live action works. Along for the ride are space legends like Commander McLane, Mr. Spock, and Mr. Zoomzeman, without whom Buzz Aldrin would still be selling insurance.

Look on as Meisterstein gathers moon-rock mushrooms and Kleine tries to keep his feet from falling asleep in the cramped landing capsule, while conspiracy theories receive a thorough debunking and the whole truth of the moon landing is revealed almost in passing.

Afterwards: sip broccoli, admire dazzling tabletop pyrotechnics, and take in some blue moon songs in the space bar.

06.11.19, 21:00
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