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Das drohende Verschwinden der Welt
Über die Zukunft der Auslandsberichterstattung
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The Impending Disappearance of the World: On the Future of International Reporting

Bettina Rühl (Weltreporter), Jochen Wegner (ZEIT Online), Marcus Bensmann (Correctiv) and Lutz Mükke (reporter and media scholar) will discuss this topic on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of Weltreporter, the largest network of freelance correspondents in the German-speaking world. Moderator: Anke Bruns

For years, German media companies - including the major news agencies - have been thinning out their correspondent networks. More and more foreign reports are written in German editorial offices, resulting in an increasingly distorted image of the world. So what can and must be done to guarantee substantial and independent international news reporting in Germany? What are the responsibilities of editorial offices, correspondents, and editors? What can be done by central government to ensure the freedom of international reporting? What new models are needed to finance the future of substantial and independent reporting?

In crisis regions or authoritarian states such as Turkey or China, objective reporting is becoming increasingly challenging - not least due to the approvals and travel permits required for entering the countries. Where reporting is difficult or expensive, the flow of information is determined by interest-driven organizations or individuals. This trend is worrying not least because the Federal Government and the Bundeswehr are in demand, via the UN Security Council and peacekeeping missions, as participants in international crises. People must be able to asses the significance of such interventions, especially since the credibility of the media - in Germany and around the world - is becoming more and more of a political issue. “Fake news” has become a popular rhetorical flourish, used to dismiss the arguments of political opponents. is the largest network of freelance German-speaking foreign correspondents. They report from more than 160 countries for German-language and international media. Instead of flying in at short notice, they reside abroad and report from the countries or regions in which they live. Their aim is to deliver careful, comprehensive, and informative international reporting.

The event is supported by, the online platform for journalists, and the Deutsche Post DHL Group.

Photo: Weltreporter Kerstin Zilm at Arlington West on Santa Monica Pier, where every Sunday veterans with wooden crosses in the sand draw attention to US soldiers who have died in the war since the invasion of Iraq. Credit: Weltreporter

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