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„Keine Gewalt!“
30 Jahre Friedliche Revolution und der 4. November 1989 in Berlin
Roter Salon

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Panel discussion with:
Simone Barrientos (host), participant in the 1989 protest, today DIE LINKE's spokesperson for cultural-political affairs in the federal parliament
Dr. Gregor Gysi, lawyer, advisor to the preparatory committee and speaker on the stand back in 1989
Annekathrin Bürger, organiser and speaker, former member of the Volksbühne ensemble
Jutta Wachowiak, on the preparatory committee for the Keine Gewalt! march, Deutsches Theater
Christoph Hein, speaker at the march, honorary president PEN-Zentrum
Paul Werner Wagner, part of Demokratischer Aufbruch in 1989, Friedrich-Wolf-Gesellschaft e.V.

30 years after the largest mass protest march in the GDR, with over 500,000 participants, the organisers look back on how full of suspense the discussions were in the autumn of 1989. Back then there were many paths and power options for the country that were still open: from the demand for “Keine Gewalt!” (No Violence!) from many protesters, up to the considerations about how a “democratic socialism with a human face” could be designed.

The panel discussion at the historic location of the Volksbühne reminds us that it was also workers from Berlin theatres that helped prepare the protest for weeks so that, on 4 November 1989, the public could take the initiative and the “chronicle of the turning point” would be enriched with a self-determined advocacy for basic democratic rights.

In this event, those who participated in the protest describe their very personal adventures, their intentions and experiences and, at the same time, compare that time of awakening with that which has been achieved today, as well as that which must still be fought for…


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