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Photo: Gerald von Foris

Robert Prosser: Gemma Habibi
Roter Salon

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A novel that explains how a man, a woman becomes a fighter. And stays one.

Leander and Aram are united by their passion for boxing. They're infamous in their small Vienna subculture of combat sports. Meeting people from his home country reminds Leander of his own experiences in Syria shortly before the revolution began. Experiences that changed his life. When Aram's brother dies in a refugee camp on the Turkish-Syrian border, Leander heads out there to join Aram's stranded family in paying his last respects on behalf of Aram, as he's stuck in Vienna without a valid decision on his asylum application.

Robert Prosser weaves the friendship between the two men into a thick, intense text that encompasses events across a broad swath of the world: from Central Europe, through the Kurdish territories to Ghana.

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