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Photo: Christoffer Greiss

Best of Poetry Slam
main stage

In German

With: Aron Boks, Tanasgol Sabbagh, Noah Klaus, Bas Böttcher, Sebastian 23
Moderators: Wolf Hogekamp, Julian Heun
Feature: Flonske (Singer / Songwriter)

At the Best of Poetry Slam young poets don't just read their texts – they become living poems themselves.

Slammers don't have much in common with the rapture-seeking and world-rejecting poets of the past. They are athletes of the word in sweat-inducing stage performances, in which each gesture, each image and each rhyme is cleverly considered and coordinated.

First and foremost they're poets that you'd like to see for more than five minutes. That's why, on this stage, they have ten minutes to win over the audience.

The Best of Poetry Slam offers everything that a grand slammer heart could wish for, because some of the best poets in the country are on this line-up, hosted by Wolf Hogekamp and Julian Heun.

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